RealScreen Features NYWFF

This article by Selina Chignall mentions some of the festival highlights and quotes founder Nancy Rosenthal:

“documentaries have become an enormously powerful and popular medium for the kind of outreach that is essential for the preservation of our threatened planet.”

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“Metronomic” Profiled in Men’s Journal


We’re excited that the US debut of “Metronomic” is being covered by Men’s Journal!

“…a captivating film that makes its U.S. debut at the New York WILD Film Festival … the festival will present a range of adventure and eco-minded films, including “Before the Flood”, in which Leonardo DiCaprio heads deep into countries affected by climate change, and “4 Mums in a Boat”, a doc about a group of female Brits who aim to break the world’s record for oldest rowers across the Atlantic.”

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NY WILD in The New Yorker


The Bat Man of Mexico team at NY WILD: Amy Cooper, Additional Camera; Rodrigo Medellin, the Bat Man; Tom Mustill, Director. Photo by Kamau Ware

The NY WILD Film Festival was just mentioned in an excellent New Yorker article profiling Rodrigo Medellín (the “Bat Man” of Mexico):

“It was the opening night of the second annual New York Wild Film Festival, and the documentary, which had won the prize for Best Exploration Film, was the evening’s main event.”

More about the film.


Dos Equis launch party for NY WILD

owl2Thanks to our sponsor Dos Equis for their fantastic launch party for New York WILD featuring a screening of their grant winning film Snows of the Nile. Check out this Examiner article.


Dos Equis Sponsors Festival!

logodosxxWe are thrilled to announce that Dos Equis is a new sponsor. Dos Equis shares New York WILD‘s adventurous spirit and desire to help fans “Stay thirsty,” whether it’s via film or other forms of discovery and adventure. At this years’ festival, Dos Equis will be kicking off their 2014 “Stay Thirsty Grant,” which gives fans everywhere a chance to bring their most ambitious adventures to life with a $25,000 prize.

NY WILD will be screening the “Stay Thirsty Grant” funded Snows of the Nile — a film about a riveting expedition to document the disappearing Ruwenzori Glaciers of Uganda.

For more information, visit: Snows of the Nile: official trailer.

About the Stay Thirsty Grant:
Dos Equis is once again rewarding fans with the chance to bring their most ambitious dreams to life through the “Stay Thirsty Grant”*. Whether it’s base jumping in Bangkok, preparing rattlesnake soup for royalty, or traversing the Ruwenzori glaciers of Uganda, the “Stay Thirsty Grant” will offer one winning entry a $25,000 grant to make it happen. For more information, visit

*All applicants must be legal residents of the fifty United States or the District of Columbia (except California), 21 years of age or older.  California residents are not eligible to apply due to legal constraints.  

New Film Festival Has Focus on the WILD

March 23, 2011

A new movie event is aiming to bring the real jungle to the concrete one. Starting in April 2012, the New York Wild Film Festival will present a roster of movies and filmmaker panels in four categories: adventure, environmental, wildlife documentaries and shorts. Nancy Rosenthal, a former documentarian for National Geographic who is the festival’s founder and director, said the goal was to “inspire appreciation for the planet.”

The Wild festival will be sponsored by the Open Space Institute, a New York conservancy organization. Promotional partners will include Clif Bar, World Wildlife Fund, National Geographic and Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Ms. Rosenthal plans to unveil her plans for the festival at a gala event on April 7 at Tribeca Cinemas that will include screenings, like “The Krill is Gone,” that are emblematic of her mission.
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Earth Day Is April 22: Films, Festivals To Celebrate, Protect and Inspire

April 19, 2011
By Sophia Savage

As earthquakes, tsunamis and tornadoes remind us of our fragile planet, here’s a round-up of offerings to celebrate Earth Day on April 22.

On April 7 at NYC’s Tribeca Cinemas, environmental sustainability and conservation experts and organizations joined to celebrate the preview launch of the New York WILD Film Festival, which is set to launch in April 2012. Their mission? The festival seeks to inspire appreciation for the planet and concern for its protection. Serves as a catalyst for action in critical environmental issues.”

Among the organizations represented were the National Geographic Society, Environmental Defense Fund, World Wildlife Fund, Open Space Institute, Inc., the Earth Institute’s Center for Environmental Research and Conservation, The Nature Conservancy, City Park Foundation, Wildlife Conservation Society, Planet Green, environmentalists Celine and Fabien Cousteau (grandchildren of Jacques Cousteau), and Dr. George Schaller, known as one of the ‘founding fathers of wildlife conservation.’ The event was presented by founder and exec director Nancy Rosenthal and hosted by The Explorer’s Club’s president and adventurer/journalist/scientist, Richard Wiese. Rosenthal says of the enthusiastic group, “we look forward to working together and tapping into their vast educational resources to assist us in providing a framework for action.
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New York Getting WILD in 2011

March 26, 2011, New York Getting WILD in 2011
By Barry Walsh

An exclusive, invite only preview to launch the upcoming New York City WILD Film Festival will take place at the Tribeca Cinema on April 7.

The special media preview will precede the April 2012 debut of the festival, dubbed as the first annual wildlife specific doc fest to be held in the Big Apple and the brainchild of former National Geographic Television documentary filmmaker Nancy Rosenthal.

“More than ever people are fascinated with all things connected to our planet and are increasingly aware of the urgency to save it, and documentary film has become an enormously powerful and popular medium for that kind of outreach” said Rosenthal in a statement.
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National Geographic Documentarian Launches The New York WILD Film Festival

By Jessica Dailey, 03/23/11

Each year, we see more and more environmental documentaries and nature-based movies popping up at film festivals around the world. Last year, we saw the debuts of Gasland, Sun Come Up, and Waste Land (all of which went on to be nominated for Oscars, by the way). But the field of environmental film has grown so much in recent years that Nancy Rosenthal, a National Geographic documentary filmmaker, decided to launch a film festival devote to the natural world.

The movies and filmmakers will be presented in four categories: adventure, environmental, wildlife documentaries and shorts. Rosenthal told the New York Times that the goal is “to inspire appreciation for the planet.” She will unveil the full plans for the festival at a gala on April 7 at the Tribeca Cinemas where she will show shorts – like Green, Plastic State of Mind and The Krill is Gone that she believes are examples of her mission.
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NY WILD Film Festival – Animated, Green, Musical

April 11, 2011
By Green Diva Sandy

I had the pleasure of attending the preview event of the New York WILD Film Festival which will officially debut next year.

The New York WILD Film Festival (NYWFF) is NYC’s first ever documentary festival featuring films on exploration, adventure, wildlife and the environment. An interesting mix of subjects in equally interesting films was featured.

The festival is designed to appeal to a broad range of filmgoers, adventure enthusiasts, nature lovers and environmentalists. The festival’s ultimate purpose is to energize audiences to explore, discover and protect our WILD and to serve as a catalyst for action in critical environmental issues. And unfortunately the list of environmental issues is a long one.
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